our story

Little Lakes Paper Co. is not your typical paper goods company. We want to provide our customers with that feeling of "YES! this is exactly the right card for my best friend." Too often we rush to pick a greeting card the day before a birthday party and realize, what's the point? They're going to throw it out anyway...right?

Our goal is to design stylish and relatable cards that will stick around after birthdays are over. Gifts may be temporary or forgotten, but we can all look back at greeting cards and remember the emotions and connection we had with others during the time we wrote or received them. 

No longer do you need to follow the tradition of ordinary cards. Make this year special.

our team


L A U R E N    B R A I E R          owner / designer

Lauren has worked professionally in the design industry for three years and holds a BFA in design from UW-MKE. Her passion for entrepreneurship and design has led her to founding Little Lakes in 2016.



S A M   H E M E S         office coordinator

Sam is our office coordinator and assists with all retail, wholesale orders, shipments and stock. He's also the king of organization and quite the handy man! For makers markets and shows Sam designs and builds our entire setup.



D I G I C O P Y       printer

Digicopy is our local printing partner in Milwaukee. They were founded 18 years ago and have maintained excellent service ever since. They are responsible for the luxurious quality paper and bright inks that you see on our products.